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This blog I put out there is designed for my own tracking and noting for my own trading purpose, Each of them has their own way to use it, how? No one tells me when to buy/sell/short.

The thing very important is, you should never 100% follow what I said or posted in blog, because I, myself as a human, can not be 100% correct all the time, I made a lot of mistakes in the past, and will continue make all kinds of mistakes in the future, so, rely on other people's words to do your own trading will never lead you to your own success in trading!

Then why, you want to pay the access fee to read my blog? Well, learning from other experienced traders, especially their mistakes is a "shortcut" to get you success fast, this might be the reason why so many are willing to stay with me, and read my mind for so long time.

My blogs contain large volume of information about trading, besides those common things you can find elsewhere, it includes a lot of my own thoughts and problem solving skills, money management skills, and the way to approach the targets if the reality does not totally move to the direction I was expecting, a lot of maneuver skills when things like "what if" happened.

So, read carefully on my words and think deeply on why I am thinking that way will not only benefit your current trade, but also improve your own skill for the future trades.Again, this is a place you can read my mind during the trading hours, my unique way to read the news/company earning reports you normally see on the Media, but... this is not a place you should simple follow a few of my trade and get quick rich!

Again, welcome and thank you for check this out!


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This is stocks Blog designed for long and short Investors who Charting the Market with Classic Technical Analysis and using technical chart to find fast-moving stocks. I also specialize in Analysis of the Dow Jones and Stock Market Futures who long Investors who are looking for updated information including the Biggest Percentage Gainers of the Week/Year,Visit for Day Traders -http://technicalanalysis-blog.blogspot.com/
Market index blog http://dailymarketanalysis-blog.blogspot.com/

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Learn how to read candlestick chart through daily, weekly charts updating.Full access on My chart database (Daily and weekly charts only) on Index, ETFs, individual stocks, support levels, resistance levels, potential break out or break down set up. Possible long, short Update Nightly.Chart of interest: Individual stock chart highlight when there is an interest pattern shows up on that stock.

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Live analysis about stock trading quick day trading pick when stock market time..in Yahoo IM

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Nightly and Weekend reviews on major mkt indicators, like DJI, SPX, COMPQ, SSEC, VIX, WTIC, and more; weekly pattern set up and potential trading set up.Individual stock charting based on members request.No news, no media, no extra talk, pure chart, pure TA.Current charts including (Daily, Weekly & Monthly): (New charts adding daily)$BDI, $CPCE, $GOLD, $NYA200R, $NYA50R, $NYLOW:$NYTOT, $NYSI, $USD, $WTIC, $XII, COMPQ, QQQQ, DIA, DJI, SPX, SPY, $SSEC, TLT, VIX.AA, AXP, BA, BAC, CAT, CVX, CSCO, DD, DIS, GE, HD, HPQ, IBM, INTC, JNJ, JPM, KFT, KO, MCD, MMM, MRK, MSFT, PFE, PG, T, TRV, UTX, VZ, WMT, XOMAAPL, AIG, AMZN, BBY, BIDU, BLK, CME, COST, CTRP, DRYS, DVN, EDU, EOG, ERTS, FCN, GS, ICE, ISRG, MA, NTES, NFLX, NTRI, RY, SU, X and many more.

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